Painting with liquid gold leaf (Hint: I'm obsessed)

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A while ago I was aimlessly strolling the aisles of a craft store with one kid asleep in the carseat in the shopping cart and the other happily devouring a bag of Old Fashioned Plain Timbits (the least messy of the Timbits... if you know, you know.). I stumbled across a bottle of liquid gold leaf. I'd never seen it before, but love the look of gold leaf but hate the effort it takes to use (and the price tag!). I bought two containers, one in "bronze" and one in "gold" and obsessively thought about all the amazing projects I could do with it. It turns out, though, that this stuff is NOT designed for paper. All my plans for gilded floral drawings went out the window. 



Fast-forward about a year to when I decided to update my youngest's bedroom. Nothing had changed since my older daughter was in the space, and I had grown tired of the Ballet Slipper Pink wall behind the crib. The colour just didn't suit Tilly (we've lovingly nicknamed her "Tilly-the-Tank"). I'm drawn to more minimalistic spaces with neutral colours, and thought about doing a soft charcoal wall to contrast the full wall of windows and off-white walls. After a trip to Benjamin Moore to grab some paint swatches, though, I fell in love with a colour called Salamander. It looks like a soft black at night and during the day when the sun is directly shining in the room it looks like a very subtle emerald green. Sold! I painted the wall and decided to do something fun that was just for Tilly.


Start to finish, this project really only took a couple of hours at the most. I left about two months in between starting the mural and finally finishing it (because, life) but the actual time it took me to draft and paint was minimal. I started by lightly chalking in a design that I had previously doodled on my iPad. I wanted to keep the image minimal and simplistic (read: less painting and planning time). Once I was happy with the design I wiped off most of the chalk and went to work with the Liquid Leaf.


The brand I used is Liquid Leaf (easy to remember, right?). This paint dries almost instantly, so there isn't a ton of room for error. I like this though, because it means I can't over think things! The best feature of this paint, in my opinion, is that the colour is vibrant and bold after just one coat. Theres no need to reapply! I'd suggest either using a paint brush you don't plan on using again OR making sure you have some brush cleaner or paint thinner on hand. I used a Curry's Brand flat-tip brush in 8. They cost under $10 and the quality is great for this type of project, but I didn't feel too bad about throwing it away when I was done painting. Another thing I'd suggest is that even though you're not going to be making much of a mess if you use this, wear something you don't care about. I wore my all-time favourite Everlane henley and I got some Liquid Leaf on the sleeve and there is NO coming back from that. Ugh. You'll also need to wipe up any spills or drips immediately if they happen. 

All in all, I love this stuff. I'm already planning my next wall mural at a cute Air B&B in Niagara-on-the-Lake and I can't wait to tackle it! If you have any questions at all drop them in the comments below!

Happy painting!!


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  • Karla Jodoin on

    Hi Yeseni! Thanks so much for commenting, the liquid gold leaf can be bought for under $10 on Amazon. I have purchased it at both Hobby Lobby in the US and at Michael’s Craft Store in Canada. The Liquid Leaf is definitely the only one I’d recommend as it gives the most vibrant colour with one coat and is super cost effective. One jar has lasted me a VERY long time. Hope this helps! xx

  • YESENI on

    You are a beautiful artist! I am looking to do some stenciling, and want a pretty gold. What store did you find this at I’m having a hard time finding it for a reasonable price.. also not sure if this would be enough gold paint. Do you have any other gold paints that you would recommend for stenciling?

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