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New gold leaf floral mural + Lesson (finally) learned in colour matching

For a while now I've been feeling like our nursery needed a refresh. My youngest daughter inherited her bedroom from my oldest daughter when we moved her into her "big girl" room. They're only a year apart, so everything in the room was still fairly new and fresh when she was born.

The nursery had a light pink wall with gold heart decals on it serving as an accent behind the crib, and it just never really gave me any kind of satisfaction. I painted it two days before I had my first baby, and the colour wasn't even close to what I wanted. 

It looked exactly like the bubble gum of my childhood.  But, I was so pregnant and just wanted everything to be ready so I left it (I'm convinced painting is what put me into early labour).

The problem was, I made the mistake of colour matching Benjamin Moore "Bashful" in a Beauty Tone paint at Home Hardware and the colour was nothing like it was supposed to be. I was able to bring it back and have them re-mix the paint (even the employees said it was awful). This is actually the third time I've brought a Benjamin Moore paint chip to Home Hardware for colour matching and the third time the colour ended up way off (don't get me started on my accidental purple living room walls...)!

Lesson learned, never try to colour match a Benjamin Moore colour with another brand of paint - it will never look the same and your efforts to save $15 will end up costing you way more.

So this past week I finally painted over the pink. I chose the loveliest shade of paint called Salamander by Benjamin Moore. It looks like a soft black in some light, but is this beautiful, deep emerald green in the sunlight. I think perhaps I was subconsciously searching for the farthest possible colour from "bubble gum pink".

And the verdict? I'm obsessed. The colour is perfect. It certainly is dark, but the bedroom has a bay window (read: excessive sunlight) and the rest of the walls are a really light, neutral grey called Pale Oak (Benjamin Moore as well).I painted a minimalistic floral cluster over the wall right behind where the crib stands using liquid gold leaf. I discovered this product recently and LET ME TELL YOU.... It is amazing stuff! It goes on opaque yet thin, and has the most vibrant gold colour! The great thing about liquid gold leaf compared to regular gold paints I've tried is that because it goes on thin and only needs one coat, you won't need to do any additional prep to the wall should you choose to paint over it in the future.

The other great thing about liquid gold leaf is also the one downfall about liquid gold leaf: it dries almost immediately. This means no dry time before moving things back against the wall or letting the kids back into the room. But because it dries immediately, you cant wipe away any mistakes or re-work the paint at all. If you're going to attempt using it, I'd definitely suggest planning things out as there is little room for error. 

I loosely chalked in the design I was hoping to create before painting. Next time I think I'd plan it out a bit better. I worked fairly quickly (the same way I do most projects around the house while a two year old and one year old run wild). I think I'm still going to add some more to the design, but for now the mural is serving the perfect background to our simple nursery. Let me know what you think!







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