Design Your Perfect Floral Tattoo: Embrace the Beauty of Customization

Tattoos are a medium of personal expression, allowing you to carry artwork on your skin that holds personal significance. If you're considering getting a floral tattoo, why settle for a design found on the internet or in stock flash sheets, that other people may already have tattooed on their skin? If you're unable to work directly with a tattoo artist whose work embodies your style, let me take the guess work out of things and create something beautiful with you, that you can then bring into your tattoo artist to be inked.

Collaborating with a visual artist AND a tattoo artist will allow you to  create a custom tattoo that perfectly embodies your vision and sentiment, and is unique to just you. A few reasons you may consider working with an artist to design your tattoo:

1. Embracing Uniqueness:
A custom-designed floral tattoo offers the opportunity to embrace your individuality fully. With a one-of-a-kind piece, you can be confident that your tattoo is unlike any other. By working closely with a skilled artist, you can weave your personal story, symbolism, or cherished memories into the design, ensuring that it speaks directly to you.

(above, designed by Karla Jodoin @lovekdesigns + tattooed by Sam Pedicelli @fauna_tattoos)

2. Tailored Artistry:
Picking a random design off the internet might seem convenient, but it often lacks the personal touch that makes a tattoo truly special. When you collaborate with an artist to design your custom floral tattoo, you're engaging in a creative process where every detail is carefully considered. From selecting the specific flowers, their arrangement, colors, and intricacies, you have the power to bring your vision to life. The result is a tattoo that perfectly aligns with your aesthetic preferences and represents your unique story.

(above, designed by Karla Jodoin @lovekdesigns + tattooed by Sam Pedicelli @fauna_tattoos)

3. Capturing Meaning:
Flowers have long been associated with various meanings and symbolism. From roses symbolizing love and passion to lotus flowers representing rebirth and spirituality, each bloom carries its own significance. By designing a custom floral tattoo, you can select the flowers that hold personal meaning for you. 

(above, designed by Karla Jodoin @lovekdesigns + tattooed by Sam Pedicelli @fauna_tattoos)

4. Collaboration and Expertise:
When you choose to collaborate with a skilled tattoo artist AND a visual artist to design your custom floral piece, you benefit from their expertise and artistic vision. Tattoo artists possess an intimate understanding of tattoo aesthetics, placement, and techniques, offering insights and suggestions, ensuring that the final artwork is not only visually striking but also fits your body's contours seamlessly.

(above, designed by Karla Jodoin @lovekdesigns + tattooed by Lee Dennis @thedowntownsaint)

A custom floral design grants you the freedom to express your individuality, tailor the artwork to your liking, and infuse it with personal meaning. Let your tattoo be a testament to your unique journey. If you're interested in working together, get in touch with me at or on the website's contact form here

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