A Fine Art Approach to Branding + Design by Karla Jodoin

Love Karla Designs specializes in the creation of bespoke brand and logo designs that are the product of a collaborative process + the creative work of Karla Jodoin.

I want to set you up with a set of visual elements that reflect the heartbeat of your brand + resonate with your ideal clients. You’ll receive individualized communication + attention to details while we work together to create your custom design. Read on to find out more about my most requested services + pricing.

What is the process like for custom logo + branding design with me? Here is a general roadmap of what to expect: 

  • Discovery: in order to learn more about you + your vision for this project, we will work through a questionnaire together. Sometimes a discovery call is required to gain more insight into your project + creative vision.
  • Initial Payment: The first payment (if being made in instalments) will be required before any additional work commences.
  • Mood Board: We’ll go through ideas + visual examples together if necessary. I’ll curate a private mood-board on Pinterest to share with you to help narrow down our creative direction.
  • Concept Sketches: I’ll get to work designing you logo concepts by hand and present you with some initial concepts. You can choose from your favourite set and I’ll begin work on your design.
  • Finalizing the Design + Additional Elements: I’ll finalize your chosen logo design and begin work on your icons, favicon, type pairings, custom materials, etc.
  • Wrap Up + Final Payment: Once all of your branding elements are finished and final payment is received, I’ll send all the files to you via a shared folder. I'll keep our lines of communication open for any additional needs down the road!

Want to learn more about working together? Send an email to hello@lovekarladesigns.com or fill out the store's contact form! 


xx Karla

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