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Floral Temporary Tiny Tattoo Set {full set}

Floral Temporary Tiny Tattoo Set {full set}

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Temporary tattoos are created from my original floral drawings. They give the look and feel of a real tattoo without the commitment. Tattoos typically last between 3-7 days. They come with a unique solution that removes any shine for a realistic look and helps your ink last!

What you get

  • Temporary tattoo
  • Matte Solution
  • Application instructions
  • {2} small tattoo designs, approx 2x2"
  • {3} tattoo design, tiny wildflower stems, approx 2.5x1.5"
  • {1} tattoo design, fern stem, approx 2x1"
  • {1} tattoo designs, tiny blooms, approx 1x.5"

Please note: these tattoos need to be cut from backing. To ensure proper application, cut as close to the design as possible. 

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