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Custom Floral Tattoo Design {Tiny}

Custom Floral Tattoo Design {Tiny}

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This listing is for a custom black and white floral tattoo design to your specifications. For example, a bouquet of birth month flowers, blooms from a wedding bouquet, etc.

Please Note: Designs are only started once the order has been placed (paid for) and a consultation has taken place to confirm details. Custom design orders for tattoos may take 4-6 weeks to be completed, pending consultation and any necessary modifications to design. Please E-Mail prior to purchasing to discuss details! 

What you get:

  • Consultation (to discuss which flowers / style of tattoo / placement / any inspiration photos)
  • Minimum one custom design with additional modifications included (size / shape TBD). Additional fee may be applied if significant changes are made.
  • JPG or PNG files of your designs E-Mailed to you for your tattoo artist to work from (can be manipulated digitally to change size if needed)

Choosing your package: 

  • small - medium tattoo design {approx. 2-6 inches of skin} with a few different design elements {example: greenery + wildflower buds + small bloom}. Ideal for smaller areas of the body, eg. back of neck, inside wrist, ankles, etc. 
  • large tattoo design {approx. 4 - 8 inches of skin} with several different design elements {example: greenery + peony bloom + wildflower buds}. Medium to large tattoo designs are ideal for arm placement, rib cage, back, legs, etc.
  • tiny - small tattoo design is for a minimalistic, line drawn floral design with few details. Ideal for fine-line, single needle tattoo. Covers a small area of the body (1-3 inches of skin). Idea for inside of wrist, back of arm, neck, etc.

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