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This listing is for a custom black fineline floral tattoo design to your specifications. For example, a bouquet of birth month flowers, blooms from a wedding bouquet, etc.What you get:

  • Consultation (to discuss which flowers / style of tattoo / placement / any inspiration photos)
  • Minimum one custom design with additional modifications included (size / shape TBD). Additional fee may be applied if significant changes are made.
  • A mockup of the design + PNG files of your design files will be E-Mailed to you for your tattoo artist to work from (can be manipulated digitally to change size if needed).

 Please Note: Designs are only started once the order has been placed (paid for) and a consultation has taken place to confirm details. Custom design orders for tattoos may take 2-4 weeks to be completed, pending consultation and any necessary modifications to design. Please E-Mail with any questions prior to purchasing. 

Custom Tattoo Design by Karla Jodoin

A custom-designed floral tattoo offers you the opportunity to embrace your individuality. With a one-of-a-kind piece, you can be confident that your tattoo is unlike any other. By working closely with a skilled tattoo artist AND visual artist, you can weave your personal story and style into the design, ensuring that it speaks directly to you.

  • Tiny / Small Designs

    Best for small areas like inside of wrists, ankles, etc, small tattoo designs have a few blooms + simplistic details.

  • Medium Designs

    Usually covering around 4 inches of skin, medium tattoo designs are great for forearms, rib cage, etc. Great for birth flower bouquets.

  • Large Design

    Perfect for a half sleeve, thigh tattoo, or anywhere with 6+ inches of space. Larger tattoos allow for more details and more blooms.

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Bespoke Floral Tattoo Design

Collaborating with a visual artist AND a tattoo artist will allow you to  create a custom tattoo that perfectly embodies your vision and sentiment, and is unique to just you. Read on for a few reasons you may consider working with an artist to design your tattoo.

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